Tennessee Science Olympiad

Tennessee Science Olympiad State Tournament

We are excited to announce that Dr. Nivedita (Nita) Ganguly has been appointed Director of the TN Science Olympiad State Tournament.  Dr. Ganguly has several years’ experience working with Science Olympiad and is excited to take on this new role. 

Please be patient with us as we get things ready for the 2015 Tournament to be held on April 11, 2015 at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Campus.  Our goal is to have the website updated with information for this year’s tournament no later than Monday, March 29th.

2015 State Tournament

The 2015 state tournament is sponsored by the Center for Enhancing Education in Mathematics and the Sciences (CEEMS) with support from the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences, the College of Arts and Sciences,  and the College of Engineering.

For help with accommodations, check the page  http://admissions.utk.edu/visit/our-area/local-accommodations/.

(UT faculty, students, and staff are invited to volunteer to assist with this event. CLICK HERE to volunteer.)

Recent Updates

Results for the 2014 Science Olympiad State Tournament.

Team Results 2014 Division B

Team Results 2014 Division C

Thank you all for participating in the 2014 Science Olympiad.

The preliminary schedules for the events are available below. The schedules follow the national tournament schedule for Division B (teams 21-30) and Division C (01-10), with a few modifications because of conflicts in room assignments and judges’ schedules. For Division B, the times for Simple Machines and Heredity were swapped. For Division C, the times for Chemistry Lab and Compound Machines were swapped and the time for Write it, Do it was moved to the fifth time slot.

The scheduled events are blocked out for either the morning or afternoon. You may sign up for time for these events at the link <http://www2.mysignup.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi?datafile=tsostbuildingevents>. If you have any problem with the scheduling, please contact Jessica at 865-974-0756 or <jbranno4@utk.edu>.

There are a couple of changes to the event schedule. Write it Do it is back to its original slot. The coordinator has worked out a way to allow time for grading without changing the time slot.

The event coordinator for Technical Problem Solving wants more time to conduct the exams. I have blocked out the two periods before to spread out the teams. I will have a sign up schedule for that event figured out soon. It will help if you anticipate conflicts to email me or Jessica to let me know. I’ll try to avoid those.

A sign-up for Technical Problem Solving is now set up on the mysignup web page, linked above. The event will be done in chunks with seven teams for each time slot.

The Elastic Launched Glider and Helicopters events will be held in the UT sports bubble, near the Aquatic Center. It has 24,000 sq ft of space with a high ceiling — no rafters, although the ceiling is curved.

# School Team Room Regional
B1 Explorers Home School EPS 400 ChSCC -1st
B2 South Doyle Middle School EPS 302 ChSCC – 2nd
B3 Girls Preparatory School Perkins 324 ChSCC – 3d
B4 White Station Middle School EPS 405 CBU – 1st
B5 Memphis School of Excellence Buehler 412 CBU – 2nd
B6 Ross N. Robinson Middle School EPS 413 ETSU – 1st
B7 Blount Home Education Association Dougherty 429 ETSU – 2nd
B8 St. Rose of Lima Buehler 472 MTSU – 1st
B9 Woodland Middle School Buehler 476 MTSU – 2nd
B10 Montgomery Bell Academy Dougherty 517 MTSU – 3rd
B11 Brentwood Middle School Dougherty 511 MTSU – 4th
B12 St. Henry Buehler 300 MTSU – 5th
B13 Rockvale Middle school Dougherty 416 MTSU – 6th
B14 Bearden Middle School Dougherty 417 TWC – 1st
B15 Cedar Springs Home School Buehler 555 TWC – 2nd
B16 Holy Rosary Academy Buehler 415 VSCC – 1st
B17 St. Bernard Academy Dougherty 612 VSCC – 2nd
B18 Friendship Christian School Dougherty 601 VSCC – 3rd
# School Team Room Regional
C1 Girls Preparatory School Perkins 324 ChSCC -1st
C2 Rossview High School Min Kao 406 ChSCC – 2nd
C3 The McCallie School Perkins 60 ChSCC – 3d
C4 Cleveland High School Perkins 61 ChSCC – 4th
C5 White Station High School Perkins 102 CBU – 1st
C6 Collierville High School Perkins 216 CBU – 2nd
C7 Farragut High School Min Kao 405 ETSU – 1st
C8 Morristown West High School Min Kao 524 ETSU – 2nd
C9 Dobyns-Bennnet High School Perkins 108 ETSU – 3d
C10 Jefferson County High School Min Kao 622 ETSU – 4th
C11 Montgomery Bell Academy Buehler 475 MTSU – 1st
C12 Brentwood High School Perkins 212 MTSU – 2nd
C13 Hume Fogg High School Min Kao 623 MTSU – 3rd
C14 Ravenwood High School Min Kao 404 MTSU – 4th
C15 University School of Nashville EPS 107 MTSU – 5th
C16 Cedar Springs Home School Buehler 555 TWC – 1st
C17 Bearden High School Min Kao 525 TWC – 2nd
C18 John Overton High School Dougherty 405 VSCC – 1st
C19 Martin Luther King, Jr., High School Buehler 334 VSCC – 2nd
C20 Friendship Christian School Nielson 306 VSCC – 3d


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